Health & Well-Being


The Victorian period saw Bournemouth’s population boom in size, due to its reputation as a health resort. Many holidaymakers sought to escape from the soot and polluted air of the cities and travel to coastal areas for clean air and the health benefits that came with it. Enticed by the quality of its pine scented air and medicinally beneficial sea water.

Bournemouth’s coat of arms were officially granted in 1891, ‘Pulcritudo Et Salubritas’ – Beauty and health.

Today, the seaside destination offers a multitude of venues for much needed R&R, cementing the comprehensiveness of the town’s offer in the modern era.  The breadth of choice available is impressive, our sprawling beaches and micro climate make Bournemouth the perfect setting for a wholesome retreat.

For a compleHealth & Well-Being tely different and more relaxed conference experience, why not incorporate a gentle physical activity programme for delegates to relax before and after a busy day in conference.

Business Events Bournemouth is well connected and can organise an array of activities. Sessions can include wake-up and wind-down seafront walks, sunrise yoga and body flow balance. Delegates can also take advantage of lunchtime stretch and core exercises.